Rarely a moment goes by when David Squires isn't in motion. As the Tastemaker and Floral Designer of DesignWorks, David's supreme attention to detail, design know-how and personality are key throughout every department. Although David's been doing this for longer than most of the staff has been alive, his knowledge of the newest trends in design and the latest bridal looks from season to season never cease to amaze.

David is proud that DesignWorks has become the platform where his grandest ideas and purest designs come to fruition.

Our Team

Early in the morning before most employees arrive, Mike has been known to crank his radio (and sing along with) the loudest new music while squinting at his computer screen to get ready to greet all who enter. As the co-founder of DesignWorks, Mike brings a high level of energy and a charisma to the company. Inspired by linear design, Mike flourishes with contemporary sensibility while breathing life into his designs with bold palettes. He studied Fine Art at CSU and spent over 10 years in this business before starting DesignWorks. At that time, Mike and David made an expressed agreement that they would work one event per week. The company has now grown into Denver's premier event decor agency with up to nine or 10 events happening in one day.

Aside from the hectic pace of DesignWorks, Mike enjoys volleyball, photography, traveling and finding inspiration in the places he visits.

Our Team